AMA Single Employer Model for General Practitioners in Training

11 Dec 2020

The AMA Single Employer Model for General Practitioners in Training (GPiTs) Planning Day was held on Sunday 6 December 2020. More than 30 representatives attended, including GPiTs, GP supervisors, and advocacy, education, and training organisations to discuss how to achieve an improved employment model for GPiTs in Australia. Attendees considered two options for who the single employer could be – State/Territory-based and Commonwealth – and discussed the practical aspects of how each model would work in practice.   

The two options for a a single employer model for GPiTs, including rural generalists, were considered as an alternative to current NTCER fee for service arrangements, with the aim of delivering GPiTs equitable remuneration and employment conditions compared to their non-GPiT colleagues while meeting the needs of supervising practices. 

The AMA will use the ideas and views expressed on the day to inform the AMAs submission to the Department of Health General Practitioners in Trainee Advisory Committee on an employment model for GPiTs. and further AMA advocacy in this area.