AMA Anti-violence Kit

1 Jun 2008

Medical practices occupy a special place in the local community. Doctors care for people when they are sick and the community places a great deal of trust in its local doctor. Despite this positive role, medical practices are not immune from the risks of workplace violence. All medical practices have a duty under occupational health and safety laws to keep the workplace safe. This duty applies to employees as well as anyone else who enters the workplace.

This kit is designed to provide practical advice and guidance focusing on a three step approach to eliminate or reduce the risk of workplace violence:

  • Risk Identification. Identify situations where employees and others may be exposed to the risk of violence. This kit contains a DIY checklist to assist medical practitioners to undertake a risk identification audit.
  • Risk Assessment. Prioritise the hazards so that you can deal with the most serious first. Risk assessment is undertaken after risk identification is completed to determine how serious the risks are.
  • Risk Control. Implement measures to eliminate or reduce the hazard.

Workplace design and layout play a role in reducing, or possibly removing risk and training everyone at the practice in safety policies and procedures plays a big role in minimising risk and improving staff morale.

Further advice and guidance on each of these elements is included in the kit.