AMA 2020 Member Diversity Survey

The Australian Medical Association's Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee (AMAEIDC) conducted its first Member Diversity Survey in December 2020 to better understand the experience and perceptions of our membership in relation to diversity, inclusion, and representation. 

The key findings from the survey are now available as an infographic here

The survey received just over 1,200 responses, representing approximately 4 per cent of the total AMA membership to which the survey was advertised.    

You can find out more about the survey response rate and sample representativeness here.

Thank you to all our members who were able to complete the survey and for providing us with views that we otherwise would not have heard. 

This survey forms a central action of the AMA’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2020-2022, with the intent of contributing to the AMA’s wider goal of promoting a culture of inclusion within the AMA and the medical profession more generally. 

The key issues and themes expressed in this survey will be used to inform the AMAEIDC’s future work on diversity, including looking at where the AMA can improve its operations and policies.  

It will also help us to better understand the diverse makeup of our membership, and diversity areas where we need to actively work to support our members. 

Please feel free to email your ideas about how we can involve our diverse membership and bring their unique skills, perspectives, and networks to the AMA at with the Subject line [AMA Member Diversity]. 

Dr Omar Khorshid, AMA President

Dr Helen McArdle, Chair, AMA Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee

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