2021 AMA Specialist Trainee Experience Health Check Report

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training has released its second Specialist Trainee Experience Health Check (STHC) using the results of the 2021 Medical Training Survey (MTS) released in February 2022.  

The purpose of the 2021 AMA STHC is threefold:

  • Provide a comparison of the training experience between different specialty training programs and identify areas of excellent experience as well as areas for improvement.
  • Compare training experience outcomes within the same specialty training program between 2019 (preCOVID) and 2021, to investigate if any areas have improved or worsened over time.
  • Identify how COVID-19 is perceived to have negatively affected the training experience across different specialty training programs.

The report shows that the highest grade trainees gave their overall training program experience was a C or “a pass”. No training program received an “A grade” rating from trainees.

The results of the 2021 AMA STHC highlight important areas where the trainee reported experience has changed or has shown no improvement between 2019 and 2021, as well as areas where Specialist Medical Colleges and Health Services can focus on and collaborate to build on the quality of vocational training.

The AMA will use the 2021 STHC results to inform its advocacy on improvements to training programs and support structures.

The AMA encourages Specialist Medical Colleges and Health Services to:

  • Reflect on how trainees perceive the quality of their training experience
  • Review compliance with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) standards for specialty education and training
  • Internally review education and training policies, with a particular focus on the areas for improvement.
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