Disappointing signs in annual Closing the Gap statement

19 Feb 2019

Article from AMA Rounds of 15 February 2019

The AMA says it is disappointing that the 11th annual Closing the Gap statement shows that just two of the seven goals are on track – one fewer than last year.

“Progress against Closing the Gap is not what we all hoped for,” Dr Bartone said.

“While more Indigenous children are entering early education, improvements to life expectancy, infant mortality, and employment rates are not closing.

“After more than a decade, the lack of resourcing and investment in the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continues to see unacceptable gaps across a range of outcomes.

“The lack of sufficient funding to vital Indigenous services and programs is a key reason for this.”

You can read the AMA Indigenous Health Report Card 2018 here.