AMA submission on the General Practice Training Draft Outcomes Framework

The AMA was invited by the Department of Health to comment on the General Practice Training Draft Outcomes Framework for GP training in 2022. This Draft Framework was designed based on the outcomes of a workshop to engage several stakeholders, including the AMA, on the development of high level outcomes for the transition to college-led GP training in November 2019.

The AMA is broadly supportive of the Draft Framework, but has highlighted in the submission that long-standing issues in GP training, including poorer remuneration for GP registrars compared to their hospital counterparts, and a loss of leave entitlements when moving to general practice from hospital-based training, will not be resolved by the outcomes and objectives outlined in the Draft Framework alone. The submission describes the ‘single employer model’ for GP registrars as a potential solution to many of these issues that will complement and enhance the GP training outcomes framework.