AMA Council of General Practice

21 Jun 2012

The AMA Council of General Practice (AMACGP) reports to the AMA Federal Council.

The role of the AMACGP is:

  • To identify and represent the views of the AMA's general practice (GP) members.
  • Inform GP members of current debate and represent their views to Federal Council.
  • In conjunction with Federal Council, make informed policy decisions and appropriate GP reforms.
  • Facilitate increased cohesion between the GP political organisations.
  • Ensure that the myriad of GP political organisations have the cumulative effect of making tangible progress towards the GP being properly recognised remunerated and integrated into the Australian health care system.
  • Where appropriate, nominate AMA representatives to outside bodies, submitting names to Federal Council for approval.
  • To represent Other Medical Practitioners (OMPs) within the AMA

The AMACGP is made up of about 23 members representing all States and Territories.

The GPs on AMACGP come from a range of size practices and from a cross-section of locations. There are several GPs from rural and remote areas ensuring that the Council is truly reflective of general practice across the country.

For more information about AMACGP contact the Federal AMA on (02) 6270 5400 or email