AMA checklist for members to get ready for the PIP eHealth incentive and PCEHR

29 Nov 2012

I am writing to let you know the AMA has developed a PIP eHealth and PCEHR checklist to assist general practitioner members and their practices to prepare for the PIP eHealth incentive and PCEHR.

This checklist puts all the required information together for you on what needs to be done to meet the PIP eHealth and PCEHR requirements. It provides links to application forms and Government information.

The checklist and links will save you and your practice staff time having to source the relevant material from several Government websites. By doing this work once we will hopefully save many practices from also having to do the same work.

I want to highlight that the requirement for secure messaging is currently problematic. General practices will not be able to register for the digital certificate required for secure messaging, which is a necessary step towards eligibility for the PIP eHealth incentives, until 10 December 2012. There is also no current mechanism to verify the installation of the secure messaging software, which is another requirement for eligibility.

As the checklist shows, practices have a lot of information to consider as well as technology and new arrangements to put in place to meet the PIP eHealth requirements.

The AMA is interested to know the extent to which general practice will be ready for the PIP eHealth incentives by 1 February 2013. Please take the time to respond to our poll on this. 

I hope you find the checklist useful and helpful for you in deciding on and preparing for your participation in this next round of eHealth incentives


Yours sincerely

Dr Steve Hambleton