Activity Based Funding for Teaching, Training and Research

10 Oct 2012

On Thursday 18 October 2012, the AMA organised for seventeen representatives from thirteen organisations involved in medical education and training to meet to discuss the feasibility of introducing activity based funding (ABF) for teaching, training and research (TTR), and the broad principles that should underpin further work in this area.  

A number of strategic issues were identified including a consensus that funding for teaching and training should be separated from research and the need to factor in the service benefit from training as well as the cost of training.

The meeting resulted in the development of an agreed set of Objectives and principles to guide the development of a funding model for medical teaching, training and research. This, and a detailed Outcomes Summary from the meeting, are now publicly available from the AMA website.  

The AMA will use this to advocate for a funding model for TTR that provides every medical student and graduate with a quality clinical training experience from medical school through to the completion of vocational training.  

The AMA will participate in a TTR working group convened by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) to develop a funding mode for TTR.  This includes a doctor in training representative who will bring a first hand perspective to the discussion in light of the complexity of medical training.