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9 Jun 2016

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) is a council of the Federal AMA that advocates on issues of importance to doctors in training (DiTs). The AMACDT has representatives from all State and Territory AMAs and regularly to discuss issues that affect DiTs across Australia, from internship to fellowship. Major issues for AMACDT at the moment include supporting DiTs during the COVID-19 pandemic, advoacting for the accreditation of all prevocational training places and the protection of education and training conditions in the pre-vocational space, equity of access to parental leave, and our work on doctor health and wellbeing

Every successful profession needs a peak representative body to lead it forward, and in medicine that body is the AMA. Find your voice inside your AMA and inside your profession. Become a member today and get in touch with your State and Territory AMA doctor in training committees and subdivisions. 

Dr Hash Abdeen



Members of the AMACDT in 2020 

AMACDT 2020 Meeting Dates 

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Members of the AMACDT in 2020 

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Dr Hash Abdeen – Chair cdt.chair@ama.com.au 

Dr Laura Raiti - Deputy Co-Chair

Dr Rebecca Wood - Deputy Co-Chair

Dr Charlotte Durand - NT Top End

Dr Hayden Dodds - NT Central

Dr Steve Hurwitz - NSW 

Dr Jade Stewart - ACT 

Dr Hannah Szewczyk - SA 

Dr Samual Marshall - TAS 

Dr Maddison Taylor - QLD

Dr Nathan Abraham - VIC

Dr Megge Beacroft - WA Co-Chair 

Vacant -  WA Co-Chair 

Mr Daniel Zou - President AMSA 

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AMACDT 2020 Meeting Dates  

Saturday 22nd February, AMA Trainee Forum, Melbourne

Sunday 23rd February, AMACDT Meeting, Melbourne

Saturday 2nd May (Videoconference)

Trainee Forum - COVID-19 and its impact on specialty training. 1 June 2020 (Videoconference)

Saturday 4th July (Videoconference)

Tuesday 28th July (Videoconference)

Trainee Forum - COVID-19 and its impact on exam processes. 11 August 2020 (Videoconference)

Saturday 17th October (Videoconference)

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Get in touch with us!

If you have questions or feedback for the Federal AMA Council of Doctors in Training, you can:

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