2006 AMA Indigenous Health Report Card - "Undue Punishment? Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islanders in Prison: An Unacceptable Reality"

13 Jan 2015

The AMA released its 2006 Report Card: UNDUE PUNISHMENT? ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDERS IN PRISON: AN UNACCEPTABLE REALITY on 18th May at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, 186 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

In 2005, an Indigenous person was 12 times more likely to be behind bars than a non-Indigenous person.  And a young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander was 19 times more likely to be detained in a juvenile facility than a non-Indigenous young person.

These alarming figures are a symptom – and a cause – of gross inequality and generational disadvantage.  This AMA Report Card draws together the facts and figures, the rights and wrongs, the problems and hopefully some solutions to address the chronic health problems that consume Indigenous Australians while in prison or juvenile detention.