AMA responds to Ukraine crisis

Federal Council has called on the federal government to prioritise support for Ukrainian refugees in Australia. 

On 19 March AMA Federal Council passed the following resolution in response to the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine: 

“That the AMA Federal Council extends its support to the people of the Ukraine and encourages the Australian Government to prioritise funding support for ongoing provision of humanitarian assistance and medical services to both residents remaining in the Ukraine and those refugees forced to relocate to other nations, including Australia.” 

 The AMA Secretariat has received advice from the Department of Home Affairs that Ukrainians granted temporary humanitarian concern visas will be allowed to work, access Medicare and special benefit payments.  

They will also be eligible to access the Humanitarian Settlement Program and the following services provided based on individual needs: 

  • Airport reception, including clothing, personal hygiene items and food package 

  • Accommodation, including short term accommodation, property induction and information on how to contact emergency services   

  • Registrations for essential services such as Medicare    

  • Assistance with school enrolment 

  • Referrals to support services including health and family support services. 

The AMA is continuing to liaise with the Department of Home Affairs about Ukrainian refugees, and more broadly regarding refugee and asylum seeker health service provision, including as part of the AMA Position Statement on Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health (2015) currently being updated. 

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