Political leaders commend the AMA and medical profession

5 Aug 2021

The Prime Minister, Health Minister and Shadow Health Minister paid tribute to AMA’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic in their address to delegates at NatCon last weekend.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison paid tribute to the medical profession and the role of the AMA in his address to the AMA’s National Conference, also broadcast live on Sky News Live.

“I pay tribute to all of our health and medical professionals who have stepped up across the country over these past 18 months,” he said.

“And to the AMA President Omar Khorshid … I want to thank you for your partnership, for your advice and for your leadership, not only to the GPs and doctors of this country through the AMA, but the sense of assurance that you have given to Australians in partnering us as we have sought to take the country forward during this difficult time.”

“Our GPs – you have done so much on the frontline fighting this dreadful virus,” he said.

Shadow Health Minister Mark Butler thanked doctors and the advocacy role of the AMA during the pandemic, which he acknowledged could be difficult because it was a contestable political environment.

“The work that you and your President and Vice President have been doing is a real credit to you and the profession,” he said.

AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid said the AMA’s strategy in response to COVID had been to ensure the voice of doctors had informed government decisions.

“We have also spent a huge amount of time talking directly to the public translating the science, supporting government decisions and having conversations with the community through TV, radio, newspapers and even social media,” he said.

“Without having the community on board it was always going to be impossible to fight this pandemic and the trusted voice of the medical profession has been critical in supporting the necessary actions that governments have had to take to manage the pandemic.”