Aged Care Royal Commission report a 'harrowing account'

4 Mar 2021

Among the recommendations, the Aged Care Quality and Safety final report calls for a new system under a rights-based Act, funding based on need, and much stronger regulation and transparency. 

The AMA made five detailed submissions to the Royal Commission and appeared three times to tell the Commissioners about its experiences on behalf of patients, their families, friends and carers.  

The AMA is now analysing the eight-part report and a detailed position in response will soon be put forward. 

“The AMA is eager to work with Government in examining the findings and working to make the urgent and important changes as Australia introduces generational change to fix our aged care system once and for all,” said AMA President, Dr Omar Khorshid.  

“Now the Aged Care Royal Commission has handed down its final report, there must be no more excuses or delays. The reform process must start immediately. Care can’t wait. Our older people have suffered too long”.  

The AMA has been advocating for more than a decade on aged care and has continuously warned that the health and aged care systems are not equipped to deal with the growing ageing population living longer and with multiple chronic diseases.  

The Commissioners diverged on a number of recommendations, including whether governance and regulation of aged care should remain with the health department or be managed by an independent commission.   

The Government is expected to release its full response by 31 May.  

You can read our media release here.