Revised position statements on setting medical fees and billing practices and informed financial consent

The updated position statements coincide with improvements to Medical Costs Finder website following AMA consultation.

The AMA position statement Setting medical fees and billing practices 2024 addresses a range of issues including appropriate fee setting and billing policies, provision of information about medical fees to patients, and the importance of sound informed financial consent practice. 

The AMA position statement Informed financial consent 2024 outlines the role of medical practitioners and patients in good informed financial consent (IFC) practice, and the practicalities of obtaining it in various circumstances. It also encourages medical practitioners to review the AMA’s guide to Informed financial consent - a collaboration between doctors and patients and discuss it with their patients. 

Both position statements reference the Government’s Medical Costs Finder Website where  medical professionals can list indicative fees and any gap arrangements for select high volume services. The website makes it clear that information published on the site is a guide only, and is not a substitute for a medical quote, or Informed Financial Consent.

The AMA has worked with the Department of Health and Aged Care to improve the website and to make sure it includes details of MBS rebates and private health insurer rebates. The website includes a user guide to help medical practitioners to register to use the site and list their fees, plus a link where users can provide feedback on how the site can be further improved. 

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