FAQs for the Online PBS Authorities system

Services Australia has developed frequently asked questions about accessing and using the Online PBS Authorities system.

Q1. How do I access the Online PBS Authorities system?

You will need to use your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to securely access government online services. If you don’t have an account yet, register now. Once registered, you will need to link your prescriber number in your PRODA account.

You can then access the Online PBS Authorities system through:

  • Health Professional Online Services (HPOS), or
  • Upgraded clinical and prescribing software.

You will need to provide information about your patient, the medicine you are prescribing, dose, quantity, and repeats, and answer questions in line with the relevant restrictions to enable a real time patient eligibility assessment result of approved or rejected.


Q2. Why are some PBS medicines only available in the Online PBS Authorities system and not all medicines?

Services Australia is continuing to work with the Department of Health and Aged Care and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) to enable real time assessment results for PBS listed medicines where appropriate.


Q3. Does Services Australia determine the listing changes to the PBS medicines?

No, Service Australia administers the PBS in accordance with legislation and policies managed by the  Department of Health and Aged Care. 

The authority requirements for medicines listed on the PBS are determined by PBAC — an independent body established under the National Health Act 1953 to make recommendations and give advice to the Minister for Health on which items should be subsidised under the PBS, including eligibility criteria and restrictions for conditions where PBS subsidy is available. 

The PBAC process is supported by legislation and the agency has no discretion to alter these requirements for individual patients, even when the use of the medicine might be beneficial or recommended on clinical grounds. For further information about each medicine visit


Q4. Can I still request a PBS Authority via the phone, post or secure form upload facility?

Yes. The Online PBS Authorities system offers an alternate authority submission option for most PBS medicines. You can continue to call for Authority Required (telephone) medicines and use the upload or mail channel for Authority Required (Written) medicines. 



Q5. How can I access the secure form upload facility?

The secure form upload facility is available through HPOS. Access HPOS by logging in to your PRODA account. From the HPOS Homepage, there are two ways to access the facility:

  • Select “Forms” then “Secure Upload Form”; or
  • Select “Messages” then “My mailbox” or “Practice Mailbox” then “Form Upload”


Q6. What is an item code?

Under the PBS, medicines are referred to as items. To identify different listings, item codes are allocated to each item.

Item codes are found on the web page, under each medicine’s ‘Code & Prescriber’ heading, next to the Medicine Product Pack information.

If you don’t know which item code to use when requesting an Authority in the Online PBS Authorities system, you can search for the PBS medicine using the brand or medicine name as a keyword. 


Q7. Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about:

  • PRODA - A guide on how to create a PRODA account can be found here.

If you have any PRODA issues contact:

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