Be RSV aware! Support RSV protection

The 2024 RSV Awareness Week begins on Sunday.

This Sunday marks the beginning of the second annual RSV Awareness Week, an initiative aiming to increase awareness of the severity of the virus and the steps that can be made to prevent it.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a highly contagious virus that causes seasonal outbreaks in infants and young children, usually during the winter months.

Last year AMA President Professor Steve Robson shared his own personal story of RSV.

“Our son almost succumbed to an RSV infection as a toddler he was incredibly ill and had a couple of weeks in hospital. It was the worst experience for my family that I still think we haven't gotten over. Even now I get emotional just thinking about it. Every day I feel so incredibly lucky to watch him grow into the young man he is,” he wrote.

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