AMA Fees List indexation update

There has been an update for all medical services listed on the AMA Fees List.

Members are advised that the fees for all medical services listed on the AMA Fees List have been indexed by 4.57 per cent effective from 1 November 2023. The revised Fees List is now available.

The Fees List is indexed each year by the AMA Medical Fees Index (AMA MFI). The AMA MFI is a weighted average of the changes in various cost and income components determined by three macroeconomic indices published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 

The AMA Fees List provides members with costing assistance but recognises that practice cost structures can vary, and we encourage users to also have regard to their own experiences and circumstances in setting a fair and reasonable fee  

Members are reminded to review the AMA Fees List Terms of Use

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