Today is the day for crazy socks

The mental health of doctors is highlighted in this unique campaign started by a Melbourne cardiologist.

It’s CrazySocks4Docs Day today. The day is held every year on the first Friday of June and aims to break down the stigma and normalise the conversation around doctors and mental health.

This year, organisers are calling for tangible actions to meet the mental health challenges in the health profession.

Founder, Melbourne cardiologist Dr Geoff Toogood, will attend a fundraising breakfast in Adelaide hosted by Doctors’ Health SA and will announce a new project initiated with funds raised by last year’s breakfast.

Geoff’s own mental health suffered during a difficult period of his life, and he was inspired to establish CrazySocks4Docs Day after becoming the subject of rumours in his workplace after wearing odd-coloured socks to work.

The talk behind his back was that he was failing again. In reality, he was well, and his socks (apart from the last two odd socks that he was wearing that day) had all been eaten by his new puppy.

Rather than start a discussion about whether he was ok, there was whispering behind the scenes. As a result of this experience, Geoff established CrazySocks4Docs.

CrazySocks4Docs Day is now recognised as a special day for doctors and to mark it doctors around Australia are encouraged to wear crazy socks and post pictures to social media. On Twitter you can use the hashtag #CrazySocks4Docs and handle @CrazySocks4Docs.

The AMA also supports Drs4Drs, which is a confidential health service developed for doctors, by doctors. If you need support, please visit

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