AMA Gold Medal winner on the AMA President’s podcast

Professor Emily Banks is this week’s Doctorama guest.

Professor Emily Banks AM is AMA President Professor Steve Robson’s most recent guest on his Doctorama podcast.

Professor Banks was awarded the AMA Gold Medal at the AMA National Conference in 2022 for her outstanding service to medicine, especially for her recent research into the ill-effects of vaping.

Professor Robson was also in the media this week discussing the dangers of vaping in light of the Federal Government’s efforts to further crack down on illegal e-cigarettes.

He called for Australia to grasp a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deal with a public health crisis —  the epidemic of vaping.

“The more we learn about vaping, the more health problems we discover,” he wrote in the Canberra Times.

“That is a very bad trend.  The world missed the opportunity to stop tobacco smoking, but we have an opportunity before us to take action on vaping that is world-leading and is supported by all of the key health groups in the country.”

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