AMA welcomes new money for doctor and medical students mental health and well-being

27 May 2021

The aim of the Every Doctor, Every Setting national framework is to help implement long-lasting change for doctors and medical students in the areas of well-being and mental health.  

AMA President Dr Khorshid said, “The goal is to have coordinated action to prevent mental ill-health and suicide and support good mental health for all doctors and medical students. The framework has been developed with the support of medical leaders in Australia.”

The framework has five pillars: improve training and work environments; recognise and respond to those needing support; improve response to doctors and medical students in need; improve the culture of the medical profession to enable wellbeing and improve coordinated action and accountability. 

“It’s time as a nation we start looking after our doctors, who dedicate their lives to looking after us, and we are grateful the Federal Government is supportive of our efforts to support our doctors – from medical school to retirement,” Dr Khorshid said.  

The counselling and support service is free, available 24/7, 365 days a year to all doctors and medical students. The number is 1300 374 377 (1300 Dr4Drs).   

“We can no longer accept that one of the professions that has the highest duty of care to the public also has a higher risk for mental ill-health and suicide compared to the general population,” Dr Khorshid said.