Parliament passes vaping reforms following extensive AMA advocacy

The AMA has applauded the Parliament for passing world-leading vaping laws.

The Parliament this week passed the federal government’s world-leading vaping reforms which will save many Australians from the harms of e-cigarettes.

The legislation bans the domestic manufacture, supply, commercial possession and advertisement of disposable and non-therapeutic vapes.

While the Bill was amended to allow vapes to be sold as a schedule 3 medicine with additional conditions applied in pharmacies the AMA is pleased the bulk of the reforms passed largely intact.

The AMA said the reforms would reduce the widespread availability of vapes by imposing much stricter controls and closing many loopholes that have been exploited by the tobacco and vaping industry for many years.

The passing of the legislation follows many years of advocacy from the AMA which increased in the past six months seeing the AMA became the leading voice for vaping reform in the public arena.

Just two days before the vote the AMA led the news agenda on vaping by calling out the National Party’s disappointing proposal to impose an excise on vapes.

The AMA sent a letter to all MPs and Senators and March 27 as well as a second letter with almost a dozen leading school and education groups in May urging them to pass the reforms.

Both AMA President Professor Robson and AMA Vice President Dr Danielle McMullen conducted near-weekly media interviews on the importance of vaping reforms and between them held multiple press conferences and doorstops.

The AMA also played a crucial role in the recent Senate inquiry into the reforms by providing a written submission and having Professor Robson and Public Health Committee Chair Dr Michael Bonning give evidence.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration publishes regular updates on vaping reforms at its Vaping Hub.

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