Staying well a top priority for us all

The Drs4Drs health service is there to help doctors and medical students stay healthy.

While the holidays may have offered respite for some, many more are feeling the stresses of work compounded by the high numbers of COVID cases. This is spread across all settings, including medical students.

Drs4Drs is available as always to help doctors and medical students stay healthy. The Drs4Drs network offers an independent, safe, supportive and confidential service.

Drs4Drs also offers 24/7, confidential, free, crisis and non-urgent mental health support to the profession and their partners/spouses.  Support is provided by a team of qualified and experienced counsellors. Call 1300 Dr4Drs (1300 374 377) or for further information visit the ‘Telemedicine’ section of the website.

In addition, the state and territory-based Doctors’ Health Services offer colleague-to-colleague support to all doctors and medical students.  See the ‘How to get help’ page for contacts.  

Now is a good time of the year to consider checking-in with your GP for an annual health check.  The Drs4Drs website has information on this, and other suggestions for ‘Staying well’.

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