AMA says “yes” to constitutional change

A resounding “yes” was delivered at this week’s AGM to constitutional change.

We are delighted to share with you that Tasmania can progress with the next steps to becoming a branch of Federal AMA after a successful vote at our AGM on Wednesday. The result was a resounding yes, with more than 95 per cent of members who voted, voting yes.

The votes, from more than 2600 members, demonstrates members’ commitment to ensuring our doctors in Tasmania can continue to be represented by their AMA.

Tasmania AMA’s decision to become a branch of Federal AMA followed lengthy consultation with AMA Tasmania members who were overwhelmingly supportive of the change.

There are further steps to take at the Tasmania AMA Annual General Meeting next week and we will keep our members updated as decisions are made. But we are ready to continue working with our Tasmanian colleagues on achieving a seamless transition for Tasmanian members.

Thank you for saying yes to unity and yes to a stronger AMA. We will be sure to update members as changes are made.