AMA most often quoted health expert this year (outside government)

22 Jul 2021

If the AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid has been feeling busy giving media interviews on the COVID-19 pandemic this year, his experience appears to be borne out by statistics reported by the Australian Financial Review this week.

The article AMA beats out the epidemiologists for pandemic clippings published on 19 July said, “This calendar year, newish AMA chief and orthopaedic surgeon Omar Khorshid is by some margin the nation’s most-cited health expert (apart from those who work for a government), according to media monitoring conducted for this column by Streem. For raw, unduplicated mentions in written media (both online-only and print), he’s earned no fewer than 907 citations, putting him some way ahead of the next most-quoted expert, Deakin University’s inaugural chair in epidemiology Professor Catherine Bennett, who has had 607 mentions so far this year.”

The article by Myriam Robin went on to say, “After Khorshid and Bennett, the next most quoted figure is recently departed Victorian deputy CHO, infectious disease expert and ATAGI member Allen Cheng (553 mentions), closely followed by epidemiologist and WHO adviser Mary-Louise McLaws (532) and ANU microbiologist Peter Collignon.”

“Pandemic modeller and epidemiologist Tony Blakely had 345 mentions, and head of biosecurity at the Kirby Institute Raina MacIntyre had 239, putting her slightly behind ex-federal deputy CMO Nick Coatesworth on 302," the article reported.