AMA in the media this week

22 Jul 2021

With the constantly shifting circumstances of the pandemic, the AMA is active in the mainstream media, ensuring reliable information from doctors is central to public discussion.

AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid and Vice President Dr Chris Moy have made numerous appearances and interviews in the past week.

The ABC’s Patricia Karvellas had a double dose of Vice President Dr Chris Moy on Wednesday (21 July 2021) as he explained the respective roles of the TGA, ATAGI and the government on ABC TV’s Afternoon Briefing and Radio National’s Drive programs.

Dr Moy pointed out that it is the role of the TGA to license and approve medications and vaccines; that ATAGI is an independent group of experts appointed by the government to advise on best practice and to make recommendations; and that it is government’s job to make decisions and put this into practice.

“The independent group recommends and the Government decides,” he said.

You can also see the interview with Dr Moy on the ABC Afternoon Briefing at 54-minute mark or listen to ABC’s RN Drive.

Meanwhile, Dr  Khorshid held a press conference last Friday (16 July 2021) outside the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia calling for tighter restrictions for Greater Sydney, non-essential work and expressing concerns about public hospitals. One of his oft-quotes remarks was:

“It is absolutely ridiculous that we still have upmarket stores being open. In fact, any stores where they're not selling essential goods. The message has to be crystal clear to the New South Wales community, and in particular to the Sydney community, and of course Western Sydney, that you've got to stay home. Simple as that; stay home. That doesn't mean go to the shops, even if you're not browsing, even if you want to go and just get that $10,000 handbag. It's not urgent. You can do it online. It's not something that has to be done now. Those shops must be closed immediately.” 

Read the transcript here.

The COVID-19 situation in NSW and other states continued as a key topic in media interviews throughout the week, with Dr Khorshid also giving this interview on Channel 7’s Sunrise program on Wednesday. See the interview here.