AMA Fees List 1 November 2021 indexation

The new release is available for members to access and download.   

The AMA Fees List 1 November 2021 indexed preview files are now available for access and/or download into your business or practice software and replaces the 1 November 2020 edition and any subsequent updates. The indexed fees will come into effect and will be published to the AMA Fees List website on 1 November 2021. 

The 1 November 2021 edition includes the annual indexation of all fees within the list, along with updates to cardiac surgery services which took effect in the MBS on 1 July 2021. 

Members are reminded to review the AMA Fees List Terms of Use. In order to use the AMA Fees List, you must be a Licensee, an End User or a Sub Licensee. A Licensee will be either:  

  • a current AMA member whose licence to use the AMA Fees List is not suspended under section 13; or 
  • a person or entity who has paid the appropriate licence fee to the AMA, including any associated payment processing fees.  

Registered medical practitioners who are AMA members or have purchased a Licence may authorise their practice managers and other administrative staff who work in their practice to use the AMA Fees List on the doctor’s behalf. If staff work for more than one doctor, then each doctor needs their own Licence.   

Watch a demonstration video on YouTube here. 

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