Have your say on the International Code of Medical Ethics

The International Code of Medical Ethics is a modernised version of the code which outlines doctors’ duties towards their patients, other doctors, health professionals and society as a whole.

Originally adopted in 1949, the current code of 2006 is undergoing a major revision to modernise the language, including making it more gender neutral, and ensuring it is consistent with updated WMA policies.

The code will be expanded to include issues such as doctors’ potential conflicts of interest, advertising, telemedicine, duties towards the environment and health inequality.

The AMA is a member of the WMA, and over the past few years has been involved with the WMA working group responsible for revising the International Code of Medical Ethics.  

The WMA is inviting all experts and stakeholders to submit comments on this draft version via email to the WMA secretariat at no later than 28 May 2021.

The consultation draft of the International Code of Medical Ethics, along with the current Code, can be accessed on the WMA website.


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