AMA speaks out on hospital capacity amidst opening-up plans

AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid tells ABC’s Joe O’Brien that NSW could be facing a disaster next month.

Dr Khorshid put it bluntly in  the media this week, saying to ABC News Channel’s Joe O’Brien that you probably don’t want to have a heart attack or be diagnosed with cancer in October in New South Wales. 

The AMA has been calling for the release of modelling from the NSW Government, which reveals the impact on hospitals of opening up in October and what the cases will do.

“We have seen, of course, the Doherty modelling. What we haven't seen is what actually happens in New South Wales hospitals in October if New South Wales opens up. That is the question that I think we really need answered, that every worker and every hospital wants answered, so that we don't end up in a disaster next month,” Dr Khorshid told the ABC.

In another interview played across Australia on Wednesday night, the AMA Vice President Dr Chris Moy told Channel Nine’s A Current Affair that people 60 years of age and over, should not hesitate to get vaccinated with Astra Zeneca.

"It's a clear and present threat," he said.

"COVID is coming to your door and when it's there you don't want to be naked without a vaccine, so do not die waiting for Pfizer."

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