Let’s talk about menopause!

Author Kaz Cooke and A/Prof Magdalena Simonis featured in the AMA President’s podcast this week.

AMA President Professor Steve Robson’s podcast Doctorama this week offers listeners an important and lively discussion on the topic of menopause.

Professor Robson spoke with author Kaz Cooke and A/Prof Magdalena Simonis about menopause. Kaz Cooke is well known for her books on pregnancy including the best-seller ‘Up The Duff’. A/Prof Simonis is a GP, health advisor, and researcher.

The episode destigmatises issues relevant to menopause with an often light-hearted and fun discussion, encouraging women to discuss all things menopause with their doctor.

Previous episodes of Doctorama have featured guests with a wide range of health backgrounds. Past guests include Professor Terry Slevin, Dr Leonora Risse, Dr Sandro Demaio, Dr Zac Seidler, Dr Tanya Selak, Sophie Scott OAM, Dr Nisha Khot and Dr Sophie Scamps.

The Doctorama podcast is available to stream on all platforms including SpotifyApple, and Google podcasting services.