AMA releases rural medical training summit report

The AMA’s Rural Medical Training Summit report has been released.

In September, the AMA held a Rural Medical Training Summit, which brought together top experts and stakeholders in rural medicine to help unearth much needed solutions to address shortages and other issues affecting workforce.

This week, the AMA released a summit report, detailing those discussions.

The summit discussed the need to reform outdated rural workforce policies and training requirements to support a more modern, flexible and transient workforce that works for doctors in training, supervisors and local communities.

While the summit showcased the many rich and rewarding experiences of training in rural and regional Australia, participants discussed the particular challenges facing these doctors, highlighting the need for extra support measures for those who work and train in these areas of the country.​

At the summit, the AMA also launched the AMA Plan for Improving Rural General Practice, which proposed a range of measures to improve access to primary healthcare for rural communities.

Read the AMA’s summit report

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