AMA recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted ethical associations

The 2023 results show the AMA is viewed as being very trustworthy.

This year’s Governance Institute of Australia’s Ethics Index highlights the AMA’s continued strength as one of the most trusted ethical member associations in Australia. Running a very close second to Choice, the AMA’s ethics rating continues to rise with a net ethical rating of 56, up 3 from last year. The Ethics Index is an annual nationwide survey measuring perceptions of ethical issues and conduct in Australian society, providing a glimpse of what Australians consider the most and least ethical occupations, organisations and sectors, plus the top ethical challenges of the future.

The survey found the importance of ethics is at an all-time high with a rating of 84 amongst the Australian community with the health sector the only one rated as perceived to be very ethical with a net score of 66 amongst a range of broad sectors (such as education, the public sector and government). 

The top ethical challenges for 2024 have implications for healthcare and include the rising cost of living and the impacts of inflation (including housing and healthcare) at 54 per cent, followed by cybersecurity breaches and privacy protection at 37 per cent and, not surprisingly, the increasing use of artificial intelligence at 31 per cent which also tied with embryo experimentation as the most ethically challenging and difficult future development to navigate. 

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