AMA Fees List update: Orthopaedic items

12 Aug 2021

The AMA Fees list has been updated to reflect changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) orthopaedic items that came into effect 1 July 2021. 

The AMA Fees List has now been updated, as at 12 August 2021 (update 1.3), to reflect changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) orthopaedic items that came into effect on 1 July 2021.  

This update is now available on the Fees List website, PDF and CSV files at: 

This update reflects changes to 594 orthopaedic items in the MBS (including 168 new items, 280 amended items and 146 deleted items) in the following subgroups: 


Operations for osteomyelitis  


Hand surgery  

Treatment of dislocations  

Treatment of fractures  


Bone grafts  

Osteotomy and osteectomy  









Other joints  

Malignant disease  

Paediatric orthopaedics 


hese changes are a result of the MBS Review Taskforce recommendations and further information is available on MBS Online here  

MBS changes NOT reflected in this update to the AMA Fees List 

This update 1.3 of the AMA Fees List does not include 1 July 2021 MBS changes to the following services: 

  • Cardiac Services 

  • General Surgery 

  • Minor changes to computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, heart health assessment, transcatheter mitral valve repair 

  • Any temporary Covid-19 items. 

The changes to Cardiac Services, General surgery, and the remaining minor changes will appear in the next update of the AMA Fees List as soon as practicable. 

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