More AMA members recognised in Honours list

11 Feb 2021

The list of AMA members recognised in last month’s Australia Day Honours continues to grow.

The AMA has been scouring the Honours list to identify as many AMA members as possible who received medals.

The updated list is below.

Dr Ken Fitch 
Professor Peter Leedman 
Professor Helen O’Connell
Professor Roger Reddel 

Associate Professor Anne Brooks 
Associate Professor Douglas Brown 
Dr Paul Craft 
Dr John Crompton 
Dr James Cummins 
Professor Jan Dickinson 
Associate Professor Gregory Goodman 
Professor Nicholas Keks 
Dr Tom Playfair 
Dr David Schuster
Dr Roy Scragg 
Professor Jonathan Serpell 
Dr Richard Stawell 
Dr Jeffrey Tan 
Dr Kevin Vandeleur 

AM (Honorary):
Dr Alison Brand 

Dr Ruth Arnold 
Dr James Bowie 
Dr Carmel Crock 
Dr Susan English-Donkers 
Dr David Hamilton 
Dr Henry Lew 
Dr Richard Loh 
Dr Anandhan Naidoo 
Dr David Nelson 
Dr Susan Rowley 
Dr Chris Schull and Mrs Judith Schull 
Dr David Scott 
Associate Professor David Webb 
Dr John Willoughby