Indigenous Medical Scholarship recipient featured on ABC

As the 18 February closing date approaches for eligible medical students to apply for the AMA Indigenous Medical Scholarship, the 2021 recipient, Destiny Kynuna, has been featured in an ABC radio program interview with AMA President, Dr Omar Khorshid.   

Enrolled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students have another seven days to apply for the 2022 AMA Indigenous Medical Scholarship.  

Listeners to ABC Life Matters program last Friday heard a compelling and moving discussion between Dr Khorshid, Destiny Kynuna and ABC presenter, Hilary Harper.  

Destiny told listeners she was motivated to study medicine and specialise in psychiatry so she could “help heal her mob” – as she saw too often the effects of intergenerational trauma in her community and in her own family.  

Growing up not seeing any Aboriginal people practicing as doctors, Destiny initially thought pursuing medicine was not an option for her. She told Hilary Harper that now, just being around her own young nieces and nephews has made them consider studying medicine in the future too.  

During the interview, Dr Khorshid mentioned the importance of cultural awareness for non-Indigenous doctors to engender good doctor-patient relationships. He also said studying full time and keeping a roof over one’s head was tough for anyone and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people often had to move away from family and culture to undertake study.  

He said the $10,000 given every year to a medical student during their study could help a great deal. 

Destiny encouraged any Indigenous people contemplating medicine but not confident enough to apply to take courage from her experience. “Oh definitely just go for it,” she said, “You are so well-supported once you meet other Aboriginal doctors, and with this scholarship it has definitely helped me pursue my dreams to become a psychiatrist. Just follow your heart and do what you love and you can do it.”  

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