AMA seeks clarification on hospital pharmacist titles

The AMA has reached out to the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia for clarity on the issue.

The AMA raised concerns about the use of misleading titles by some hospital pharmacists with the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) last week. The concerns stemmed from terminology used by some hospital pharmacists enrolled in the Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP) programs which may have confused patients. 

The AMA understands the SHPA is taking the AMA’s concerns seriously and in response has committed to:

  • an immediate review of ANZCAP guidelines around the use of terminology
  • exploring a revision of ANZCAP certificates and digital badges, such that ‘pharmacy/pharmacist’ is more prominently displayed.

The SHPA clarified that ANZCAP strictly adheres to describing pharmacy specialties and does not use the term ‘specialist’ which is a protected medical term.

The SHPA agreed with the AMA it is vital for all health professionals to abide by the Ahpra Code of Conduct which states a health professional must “not misrepresent by misstatement or omission your work history, experience, qualifications or position” (8.8 [b]).