Key environment legislation must be bolstered

In a submission to a Senate inquiry, the AMA has recommended a key piece of environment legislation should recognise that climate change affects all generations.

A key piece of environmental legislation must be expanded and recognise that climate change impacts all generations, not just children.

The AMA has provided a submission to a Senate inquiry into the Climate Change Amendment (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Climate Equity) Bill 2023.

The AMA supports the Bill to require decision makers to consider the health and wellbeing of children in Australia when making significant decisions.

However, the AMA believes the word “children” should be changed to “current and future generations” to recognise climate change impacts all generations.

“The AMA recommends that the Bill’s scope is expanded to also require decision makers to consider One Health impacts; a concept which recognises the inextricable link between human, animal and environmental health,” the submission says.

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