Public hospitals

2023 Ambulance Ramping Report Card

The AMA's 2023 Ambulance Ramping Report Card shows every state and territory is falling short of their ambulance ramping performance targets.

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What happens when we fund hospitals to perform

Hospital performance had plummeted year-on-year since 2014 when the then government made changes to the National Hospital Funding Agreement.

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Hospital exit block: a symptom of a sick system

Addressing hospital exit block could save an estimated $811.6 million to $2.17 billion a year.  

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Australian public hospitals in logjam

Only three of the 201 Australian public hospitals analysed are delivering care within recommended timeframes.

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Addressing the elective surgery backlog

New analysis performed by the AMA reveals that the number of people waiting for elective surgery has ballooned across Australia and is expected to reach more than 500,000 by 30 June this year if no action is taken by governments.  

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Shining a light on the elective surgery ‘hidden’ waiting list

The elective surgery ‘hidden’ waiting list adds months and sometimes years to the time patients wait for elective surgery.

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AMA Ambulance Ramping Report Card

Every state and territory is failing to meet its performance targets for the time it takes to transfer patients from an ambulance to the Emergency Department.

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Public hospitals: Cycle of crisis

Chronic underfunding of public hospitals has led to declining performance, putting lives at risk. 

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