Modernise Medicare

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Medicare has become the bedrock of our health system.

But a lot has changed since the 1980s when it was introduced...

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Technology has advanced – new treatments, personalised medicine, hospital-in-the-home care, telehealth and remote monitoring now all exist.

Our healthcare needs have also changed. We’re an older society, with more chronic disease and more complex healthcare requirements.

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GPs are at the heart of our healthcare system.

They care for us over time, and coordinate our care with nurses, pharmacists and allied health.

They can carry out care in our homes, remotely care for using technology and telehealth, and treat us after hours.

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But they can only practice modern medicine, with a modern Medicare.

It’s time to invest in Medicare so it can give you more time, more care, more health..

Because you’re more than just an appointment - and Medicare should be too

“The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the central role the general practice plays in the health system, but it has also highlighted the significant challenges faced by GPs.”

Dr Chris Moy

Federal AMA Vice President

Dr Chris Moy

Our plan, and what it means for you

The AMA’s vision is to see more care being delivered in the community by GPs, keeping people healthier and out of hospital.

Our plan is to modernise Medicare, so that you can be supported to develop a long-term relationship with a GP or local general practice – enabling integrated and coordinated care.

Our plan is to modernise Medicare to help your GP expand their practice to include more types of care – with nurses, allied health care, mental health, and pharmacist advice – all under the one roof.

Our plan is to modernise Medicare to provide you with the care you need, when you need it – whether it be wound care, aged care, after hours care, or telehealth.

More health

More care

More time


“GPs are the heart of our healthcare system. We need to invest in modernising general practice to keep Australians well and out of hospitals.”

Dr Omar Khorshid

Federal AMA President

Dr Omar Khorshid

“Our patients want more flexibility in how care is provided. It is time we listen to them and modernise Medicare.”

Dr Danielle McMullen

AMA NSW President

Dr Danielle McMullen

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The Modernise Medicare campaign is run by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

The AMA is the peak professional body for doctors in Australia, promoting and protecting the professional interests of doctors and the healthcare needs of patients and communities.

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