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The Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) is a free resource provided by the Fair Work Ombudsmen and is designed to assist both employees and employers to calculate the minimum award pay rates and entitlements under the Fair Work system.

The Pay and Conditions Tool is made up of four calculators for:

  • pay rates – includes penalty rates and allowances
  • shift calculations – a sum of pay rates for up to four weeks of shifts
  • annual and sick leave 
  • notice and redundancy entitlements 

These calculations are based on the nominated award you are researching in accordance with classification level and hours of work. This includes appropriate overtime and penalty rates which is essential as it minimises the risk of potential underpayments to staff if you are an employer. 

The calculator is the first part of understanding the entitlements an employee is entitled to and this information works in conjunction with the templates and resources provided by the Workplace Relations team. 

You can also contact the AMA Queensland Workplace Relations Team on 07 3872 2264 if you want to any assistance with navigating the P.A.C.T

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    WR Support

    Workplace Relations Support 

    Workplace Relations Support can provide general advice to members and their practice managers about employee leave entitlements, rates of pay and hours of work as per their award and the National Employment Standards. You can contact us via phone 07 3872 2264 and email support

    WR Toolkit

    Workplace Relations Toolkit 
    Workplace Relations Toolkit subscribers receive priority service when they contact the workplace relations team for all matters. Toolkit subscribers are also the first to receive the updated Rates of Pay guide put together by the Workplace Relations team every 1 July.  

    WR Tailored services

    Workplace Relations Tailored Services

    Workplace Relations Tailored Services provides individual and comprehensive advice on how to approach unique situations within private practice such as redundancy, closing a practice, opening a practice...

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