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Babies safety guaranteed as RSV rollout commences

Queensland’s rollout of free Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) immunisation is now underway. The program will protect our most vulnerable from the common yet often severe disease, with all newborn babies born after 1 February 2024 and eligible infants less than eight months able to be immunised.

AMA Queensland welcomed the news of the free RSV immunisation program and is pleased to see newborns are now able to be immunised prior to discharge from hospital.

“RSV is extremely common among babies with 65 per cent of infants suffering from the virus within their first year of life,” AMA Queensland President Dr Maria Boulton said.

“In the first three months of this year we have already seen over 7,000 cases of RSV, which is double the number of cases from the same period in 2023.

“We have been watching the number of RSV cases increase at an alarming rate, so this rollout could not have come at a more crucial time.

“Providing free access to this immunisation for those at highest risk of severe disease from RSV will change the trajectory of the overwhelming number of hospitalisations and protect our most vulnerable.

“No parent wants to see their child unwell, especially not with respiratory symptoms that can impact their ability to breathe freely.

“This vaccine will provide immediate protection against RSV that will last for at least 150 days and protect babies throughout the peak season.

“The monoclonal antibody has been proven to reduce the risk of hospitalisation by 80 per cent, meaning that if your baby does contract the virus, they are much less likely to exhibit some of the extreme and unpleasant symptoms.

“Ensuring your baby is immunised will reduce the spread of the otherwise highly contagious virus.

“We encourage all parents of young children to take advantage of this free program and have their eligible child vaccinated against RSV.

“The second phase of the program planned to commence in late April will cover vulnerable infants with certain complex medical conditions up to eight months.

“We are waiting further advice pending vaccine supplies to determine any further eligibility for the rollout.”


  • Infants and young children including newborns, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infants and infants with certain complex medical conditions less than eight months will be eligible for the free vaccine from late April 2024.
  • The program will use the monoclonal antibody product nirsevimab which was approved by the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) in November 2023.
  • AMA Queensland is aware nirsevimab is in very limited supply.
  • Primary care providers will be able to order the vaccine from the Queensland Health Immunisation Program (QHIP) from 22 April 2024 through a fortnightly special-order process to manage supply.
  • This process will require providers to identify the approximate numbers of eligible patients they will immunise over the coming fortnight. Further clinical guidance for suppliers can be found via the QPRSVP Program webpage.  
  • The program will end on 31 January 2025.

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