Petition to Ahpra: Parental leave registration fees

AMA Queensland has joined with AMA Victoria in calling on Ahpra for equity in registration fees for practitioners taking parental leave.

Why sign the petition?
Ahpra and the 15 National Boards don't currently lower fees or provide any proper mechanism or registration fee category to assist healthcare workers who take parental leave. This affects over 877,000 Australian healthcare workers, who are a diverse and predominantly female workforce.
It is also being supported by a broad range of health bodies including: 

  • AMA Northern Territory
  • Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association
  • AMA South Australia
  • The Association of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Victorian Psychologists Association
  • AMA (Federal)
  • Health Services Union of WA
  • Health and Community Services Union
  • ASMOF Victoria
  •  Victorian Ambulance Union
  • Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association

Together, our advocacy can gain more ground and improve equity in health care. Please sign the petition and feel free to share the link with your colleagues. 

Sign the petition


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