Latest issue of Australian Medicine out now

20 Jun 2019

The latest issue of the AMA’s member magazine, Australian Medicine, is out now. Dr Richard Kidd, Chair of the AMA Council of General Practice, discusses the value of general practice in his column.

Dr Kidd outlines the contributions that general practice continues to make to the health outcomes of Australians despite a lack of investment.

“Despite the Minister for Health stating at this year’s AMA National Conference that GPs are fundamental to the Australian health system, we have not seen new genuine investment to support this role. The failure of the Health Care Homes is a perfect example of this – it was a good idea that was doomed to fail by a lack of investment,” Dr Kidd says.

“We have known for years that a robust primary healthcare system improves population health outcomes while lowering costs, and that general practice is the cornerstone of this system. It’s time for real funding and for the Government to show us that it really values general practice.”

Elsewhere, Dr Sandra Hirowatari, Chair of the AMA Council of Rural Doctors, provides some insights into what rural medicine is really like.

“We use a broader range of skills, we develop meaningful relationships with our patients and communities as we provide womb to tomb care, and we don’t have to deal with traffic,” Dr Hirowatari says before inviting you to visit.

The June issue also contains articles on the outcomes of the 2019 AMA National Conference, as well as updates from Parliament House, the latest in research, and cultural critique.

Read the latest issue of Australian Medicine here.