Evidence shows nicotine replacement during pregnancy is safer than smoking

7 Dec 2017

The MJA has recently published an article that argues nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) should be offered as an option to all pregnant women who smoke as it is a safer option than smoking.

It is important to note that NRT is recommended in current clinical guidelines for pregnant women who have been identified as unable to quit unassisted. While studies of efficacy in the real world have shown that NRT increases smoking cessation rates, clinicians report low levels of prescribing NRT during pregnancy. These low rates are based on a belief that it is unsafe and a lack of confidence in suggesting NRT.

One of the authors of the study suggests that it was important for GPs to take into account the strength and frequency of the woman’s cravings for nicotine in determining the correct dosage of NRT.

To read an interview with one of the authors, click here.

To read the study, click here.