Are you UpToDate?

23 Oct 2014

GPs may be interested to note that the AMA has negotiated for its members a substantially discounted price for an annual subscription to UpToDate, an evidence-based, online resource that assists medical professionals and medical students to make clinical decisions. 

Clinical content is authored by leading and experienced physicians and based on best available evidence and practical recommendations for patient care. GPs can gain a broad overview of a condition or drill down to a specific treatment recommendation as required.

UpToDate is easily searchable and provides access to more than 10,000 clinical topics covering 22 medical specialties. It also offers a Mobile app so that clinical recommendations can be downloaded at the point of care, wherever and whenever required.

The cost of a one-year subscription for AMA members is only US $439 - a saving of US $75 off the regular new subscriber rate. To access this special rate login as a member to