Dr Linny Phuong named as 2017 AMA DiT of the Year

7 Jun 2017

Dr Linny Phuong, a Paediatric Infectious Diseases fellow and Founder and Director of the Water Well Project, was named as the AMA Doctor in Training of the Year Award at the AMA Leadership Development Dinner held in Melbourne on 26 May as part of AMA National Conference.

“Dr Phuong is a true champion of doctors in training who embodies the character of this award, and is tireless in her pursuit of doctors’ wellbeing and high quality care, through advocacy, education and research” said Dr John Zorbas, Chair, AMACDT,

Linny is the Founder and Chair of the Water Well Project, a not-for-profit health promotion charity which improves the health and wellbeing of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers by providing health literacy support and education. Volunteers include doctors in training, medical students, health professionals and others with a shared interest in the charity’s vision that all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers deserve equitable access to healthcare and community participation.

The wonderful work of the Water Well Project has been acknowledged with many awards and nominations such as from the Melbourne Foundation and Lord Mayors Charitable Trust, and Linny’s personal leadership in this regard has been recognized with a slew of awards and nominations including being a Young Australian of the Year State Finalist (2013) and receiving the Royal Children’s Hospital Gold Award (2014) and a Premiers Volunteer Leadership Award (2016).

“The AMA is committed to fostering the next generation of Australia’s medical leaders and this award recognises the outstanding achievements of our doctors in training in leadership and advocacy,” said Dr John Zorbas, Chair, AMACDT.

“This year we had 5 outstanding DiTs nominated for this award - Dr Jessica Dean, Dr Linny Phuong, Dr Rob Lethbridge, Dr Samantha Bobba and Dr Stewart Morrison – and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each one for their dedication and commitment as a doctor in training.”

Caring Doctor and Philanthropist Wins AMA Doctor in Training 2017 Award