AMA Position Statement Pre-Internships in Medical School – 2017

6 Apr 2017

The AMACDT has updated its Position Statement on Pre-internships in medical school. The revised Position Statement supports pre-internship placements in the last year of medical school with the aim of better preparing medical graduates for the intern year from a clinical, professional and personal perspective. The AMA believes that medical schools should continue to be responsible for ensuring graduates are ready to transition into the hospital environment, with hospitals providing the other necessary knowledge and orientation at the commencement of internship.

“In Australia, the work readiness, or preparedness to practice, of medical graduates upon commencement of internship is currently being discussed and debate Many graduates report they find this transition stressful and one they do not feel prepared for. Common themes are feeling burdened and fearful about taking responsibility for decisions, not feeling prepared to take on additional responsibilities, and lack of support,” said Dr John Zorbas, Chair, AMACDT.

The AHMAC Medical intern review had proposed an option to ‘move from one year internship to a two-year transition program, commencing in the final year of medical school, with a shared governance arrangement operating between health services and universities. The AMA’s position throughout the intern review was that the current model of internship remained fit for purpose, and that any change should be incremental and evidence based. The AMA submission to the intern review did not support a model where the internship was transferred to the last year of medical school.

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