Join us at National Conference to celebrate the achievements of doctors in training

6 May 2016

May is an exciting month for the AMA.  It marks the month of our annual conference and this year, it marks the changeover of AMA leadership as we elect our new AMA President and Vice President.

This National Conference is particularly exciting for the AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) as we will be celebrating a worthy doctor in training (DiT) leader with our inaugural AMA Doctor in Training of the Year award. This award recognises not only the achievements of an outstanding DiT, but also the larger role that DiTs play in medical leadership. 

May also marks the final month of my term as the chair of AMACDT.  It has been an incredible 18 months and I have met some truly hardworking, dedicated and inspiring doctors in training.  I would like to offer a huge thank you to the very special DiTs who have supported CDT.

CDT is made up of dedicated members from each state who spend their spare weekends advocating on behalf of the doctors in training they represent.  Without the dedication of these individuals, CDT would not exist and I would like to personally thank them for the leadership that they have shown our profession, and the support they have shown me through my term as Chair.

Leadership is intrinsic to our profession and as doctors we show leadership in many aspect of our daily practice.  DiTs also play a huge role in the medical leadership of our profession, our hospitals and our colleges.  Our hospitals are run every day by DiTs who are dedicated to representing us on resident societies, hospital committees and within hospital leadership structures.

As my last tribute, it is these doctors in training who I would like to thank.  The DiTs who are showing leadership at the ground level of medicine and who are changing the profession from within.  Your leadership is not going unnoticed and nor will it go unrewarded.    I encourage you all to persevere and to consider the growing role of DiTs in the modern medical framework.  Doctors in training have so much to offer, and I have never been as acutely aware of it as I am at the end of my time as Chair.

As I sign off for the final time, I leave you in the very capable hands of your new Chair Dr John Zorbas.  I hope to continue to be involved with CDT and look forward to what is coming.

Dr Danika Thiemt
Chair, AMA Council of Doctors in Training