Diversity in medicine a key issues for trainees at the AMA Trainee Forum

4 Apr 2016

The 2016 AMA Trainee Forum (the Forum) was held in Melbourne on 5 March 2016 at the Australian Medical Council’s Vernon C Marshall National Test Centre.  The Trainee Forum provides an opportunity for trainee representatives to discuss important and emerging issues in vocational training, and to share concerns, experiences and ideas. 

The program explored the work doctors and others were doing to improve the health of refugees, discussed future employment prospects for trainees and address bullying and harassment in the medical workplace, and examined emerging issues, challenges and case studies in these areas.

Over 40 trainees attended the Forum, with representatives from most college trainee committees.  Part of the day was set aside for a soapbox session where trainee committee chairs/representatives provided their perspective on the top three issues requiring advocacy in 2016. The following key challenges were identified:

  • Diversity in medicine
  • Quality and consistency in training
  • Transparency in training, examination and assessment
  • Cost of training
  • Workforce planning and security of employment
  • Trainee welfare, bullying and harassment

“This session provides trainee committee chairs’ with an opportunity to raise specific policy issues, ideas and areas of concern relevant to vocational training. These issues will inform AMACDT's agenda for the forthcoming year” said Dr Danika Thiemt, Chair, AMACDT. 

Summary & Outcomes Statement 2016 AMA Trainee Forum