AMACDT presents on sexual harassment at MET Forum

2 Nov 2015

AMACDT Chair, Dr Danika Thiemt presented at the recent Medical Education and Training Forum in Darwin about the incidence and impact of bullying and harassment on doctors in training. “AMA surveys indicate the incidence of bullying and harassment within DiTs is between 25-60%,” Dr Theimt said. “The variation is likely to be due to variations in definitions, local training structures and industrial arrangements leading to varying medical cultures. However regardless of the variation, the incidence in medicine is much higher than the general population.”

AMACDT has developed new policy on sexual harassment and has revised existing bullying and harassment policy which will go to Federal Council for approval in November.

This follows the release of the draft report of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) Expert Advisory Group (EAG) on discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment in mid-September.

AMA President, Professor Brian Owler, said the report was a catalyst for every member of the medical profession to acknowledge the unacceptable behaviour that has occurred over a long period of time, and work together to build a stronger profession with more welcoming and cooperative workplaces.

“There needs to be a zero tolerance approach and close collaboration between all stakeholders to drive the cultural changes required to stamp these problems out. We welcome the EAG's adoption of AMA suggestions, including the critical need to provide complainants with a safe place to come forward - free of the fear of retribution or stigma.

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